Scraps of Stuff (Part 2)



I scour your words,
until they hurt,
I undisguise,
your lies.

Taking Stock

It’s time,
I take stock,
of this life of mine.

Have I taken more than what I’ve put in?
If there is a fight, would my goodness win?

I’ve lied, I’ve cheated, I’ve crossed so many lines,
I’ve hurt people I love,
and I don’t know if I’ve done enough to make it up.

I sold my life short,
sitting out,
regretting now,
how I didn’t always take my turn,
there’s so much more I could’ve learned.

I’ve made so many mistakes,
even when I knew the stakes.

I didn’t always act my best,
wedging my bets against the rest,
for my own glory,
feeling poorly.
I acted unkind,
I broke hearts,
just to save mine,
I wasted so much time,
on the wrong side.

But maybe loving you is my saving grace,
my chance at the better place,
pure and pristine,
it washes me clean.


Sometimes, I feel like my body,
is unfolding unto itself,
until all that is left,
is peeled skin,
wearing thin.


My pain is wearing thin,
leaving space for you to come back in.