Throwback Thursday Poems

Posting some poems I wrote as a kid for Throwback Thursday!


I let out a smile,
As wide as a mile,
So I wouldn’t show,
That I didn’t know,
What she was saying,
As I sat there praying,
She wouldn’t ask,
What I thought.
I guess that’s what happens,
When you don’t listen as much as you ought.


I can see the moon’s face,
He’s so far out in what we call space,
The craters make a mouth, nose, and eyes,
The wind is his deep, long sighs,
He glows his shine into our lives like fire,
Sometimes his happy face is what we desire,
He watches us, without a fuss,
So why do we pollute the air,
When such a friendly guy is up there?

7846426 (1)Photo by: GIOVANNI CIOLI

At the Harbor

I dream almost every night. Sometimes my dreams include songs or prose, but I usually lose most of the words after waking up. I’ve decided to start writing down any words I remember from my dreams here. This is a piece from a dream I had last month that I typed and saved on my phone. Posting it here now.

When you get lonely,
and life gets boring,
come and find me,
at the harbor,
where the rain always makes it shine,
and we will sail away to those mountains we always wanted to climb.