On Writing

The process of writing
makes me appreciate more
the process of living

Sometimes I feel my writing goes in circles,
and you are the square I am writing to.

Writing is like my own little secret…
that I share with the world.

Sometimes I feel like there is a trail of words following me,
waiting to be written.
Many times, I tell them there are others
who are much better at putting them together.
Other times, I resign myself to writing,
less of a choice,
and more of a responsibility.

I am less of a writer,
and more of a conduit.

Love is fleeting,
but writing makes it last forever.

Life is so full of stories
That sometimes I don’t know how
not everyone is a writer.

These words aren’t mine,
and by attaching myself to them,
I make this business of writing
much harder than it has to be.

Sometimes I have to stop myself
from interfering in my own writing,
and just let the words be,
even when they come as a surprise to me.

I could write a whole book on all the books I never started writing.


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