Throwback Thursday Poems

Posting some poems I wrote as a kid for Throwback Thursday!


I let out a smile,
As wide as a mile,
So I wouldn’t show,
That I didn’t know,
What she was saying,
As I sat there praying,
She wouldn’t ask,
What I thought.
I guess that’s what happens,
When you don’t listen as much as you ought.


I can see the moon’s face,
He’s so far out in what we call space,
The craters make a mouth, nose, and eyes,
The wind is his deep, long sighs,
He glows his shine into our lives like fire,
Sometimes his happy face is what we desire,
He watches us, without a fuss,
So why do we pollute the air,
When such a friendly guy is up there?

7846426 (1)Photo by: GIOVANNI CIOLI

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