Scraps of Stuff

Scraps of different stuff I found written on post-its, intending to turn into something more. Rewriting the notes here.

I’m livin’ in the shadows,
of your love.
It’s not enough.


Boys like you break hearts like mine.
I’ve given up my life, to lies by boys, who don’t know people aren’t toys.


Maybe there is a limit on love, maybe I’ve used mine up.


I don’t know how to say goodbye,
it always turns into hello when I try.
And you don’t see what I really mean.
I can’t keep hurting like I do, when I see her with you.
It’s like taking bullets to the chest, when I can just be put to rest.
Hope is a stubborn thing, that makes me want to scream.


We’ve poured so much love into this,
and now we’re ruining it with bitterness.


It was so easy to fall in love,
it only got hard when love wasn’t enough.


I don’t want to feel the sun shine. I don’t want to hear the birds sing. I don’t want to see the leaves turn green. All they do, is show the world exists without you.


Words, words, words.
You know how to use them,
and make them hurt.


The sun licks your lips,
shining, glistening,
until they are all I see.

6890935137_20d6cce8f3_o-1400x867Photo: Jonathan Kos-Read   

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