NaPoWriMo – Day 11 (Origin)

Today’s National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) prompt is: Write a poem of origin.

My strength
is from
years of

So, I am totally bummed I missed the start of NaPoWriMo! I had so much fun participating in it in full last year, but got waylaid this year. Better late than never though!

I had lots of ideas for the prompt today, but alas time is limited. I jotted down the quick line now, but I have some notes started for a different, longer poem that I hope to flush out later.



Give You Love

I know you’re tired,

I know you’re weak,

It’s been a long day,

You don’t need to pretend with me.

I’ll use my words,

to help heal your hurt.

I’ll be your hope,

when your in despair.

When you can’t catch your breath,

I’ll be your air.

When you want to give up,

I’ll give you love,

I’ll give you love,

until your strong enough.


In the Woods


In the woods,
I feel your presence,
in the silence,
of my mind.
The wind blows me kisses,
the trees rustle in its wake,
and I ache, to sway along with life again.
The warmth of the sun,
brings me alive, just enough
to know I’ve gone blind.
This Earth bears life,
and maybe now it is the only witness to mine.
So, I carve into all the trees,
how you were loved by me.



Scraps of Stuff (Part 2)



I scour your words,
until they hurt,
I undisguise,
your lies.

Taking Stock

It’s time,
I take stock,
of this life of mine.

Have I taken more than what I’ve put in?
If there is a fight, would my goodness win?

I’ve lied, I’ve cheated, I’ve crossed so many lines,
I’ve hurt people I love,
and I don’t know if I’ve done enough to make it up.

I sold my life short,
sitting out,
regretting now,
how I didn’t always take my turn,
there’s so much more I could’ve learned.

I’ve made so many mistakes,
even when I knew the stakes.

I didn’t always act my best,
wedging my bets against the rest,
for my own glory,
feeling poorly.
I acted unkind,
I broke hearts,
just to save mine,
I wasted so much time,
on the wrong side.

But maybe loving you is my saving grace,
my chance at the better place,
pure and pristine,
it washes me clean.


Sometimes, I feel like my body,
is unfolding unto itself,
until all that is left,
is peeled skin,
wearing thin.


My pain is wearing thin,
leaving space for you to come back in.


So even though I haven’t posted in awhile, I have been jotting down some things on my phone to post later. So here is a jumble of random, unfinished ponderings I may or may not revisit later. Honestly, weird stuff just pops into my head sometimes, but just plopping it all down here.

Your doubts,
build a tower,
over your thoughts,
maybe it’s better to build a box.

Don’t stop here,
My weary dear.
Hang hope on who you want to be.
Your strength will keep.

Take the leap.
Take the leap.

Kill your darlings and the cats,
Throw the baby with the bath,
stretch, stretch the facts.

We are getting older,
we are getting wiser,
maybe we know better,
maybe you regret her.

I still love you laying here in the dark,
but I am waiting, I am waiting,
for that spark.

Hope is a rope,
I tie around my neck,
just for the heck of it.

I am getting older,
but I still don’t know a thing,
I’ve lived my biggest dreams,
but I always pull at the seams,
until it all falls apart on me.
I cannot seem to find serenity.

The leaves shaking, waving,
like rain coming down in sheets,
the space of serenity,
you and me between the trees.

There is no one around,
in this ghost town,
and it’s a lonely place to be,
with just my thoughts and me.



Make-A-Wish Trailblaze Challenge

It’s been awhile since I posted! Eek! For the past couple of months, I have been writing and editing a mega 400-page health care policy manual and it has left me depleted. I have also been training for the Make-A-Wish Trailblaze Challenge during my free time.

The Make-A-Wish Trailblaze Challenge is a one-day endurance event on September 15th that gives participants the opportunity to hike a 26.6 mile journey along the terrain of the Catoctin Trail in northern Maryland. Participants challenge themselves physically while raising much needed funds to grant the wishes of children with critical illnesses in the Mid-Atlantic region. The photos in this blog entry are of the Catoctin Mountains and of me doing a training hike with my dog.

I joined this hiking/fundraising event to help make dreams come true for those who deserve it most. Anyone who know me in real life know I am a total dreamer. I am always scheming up new goals to go after and achieve. I really want to be able to support others who have big dreams too.

If you want to support this important cause too, consider donating at

Although I haven’t been posting much here, I have been writing offline and have lots of writing ideas so will be posting soon once I have more time!

Sunflowers (Lyrics)

Last weekend, I planted sunflowers in my garden! They are by far my favorite flower so I am excited to see how they do. In honor of them, I am posting song lyrics I wrote about sunflowers. The photo for this blog entry is a picture I took myself during my Camino de Santiago hike in Spain. I passed an amazing sunflower field between the Sarria to Portomarin stretch.


All I wanted were sunflowers to wake up to.
Yellow the color of happiness
and the way I felt about you.
You took that for being a fool.
And instead, you walked away.
Left me in the dark afraid.
I was ready to cry, ready to fight, ready to give up inside.
But instead, I lied, I lied, I lied and said baby, it’s alright.

I thought happiness had to come at a cost.
To gain, you had to take one hell of a loss.
So I took the pain like a martyr.
I suffered to love you.

I would have spent a lifetime.
Right by your side.
But you kept on moving out of my sight.
And I was too nice to let go.
But now I know,
Two lovers can grow apart,
Wild and free
And there is beauty in the truth that you don’t love  me.

I thought happiness had to come at a cost.
To gain, you had to take one hell of a loss.
So I took the pain like a martyr.
I suffered to love you.

All I wanted were sunflowers to wake up to.
Yellow the color of happiness
and the way I felt about you.
To light up our dark and lonely rooms.
But you refused, refused, refused
Eager to see me lose
The smile across my face
Keeping us trapped in this dying, unhappy place.
But I found a way to fight, I found a way to hide
all that I ever wanted
I left it  behind.

I thought happiness had to come at a cost.
To gain, you had to take one hell of a loss.
So I took the pain like a martyr.
I suffered to love you.
All I ever wanted were sunflowers to wake up to.
Yellow the color of happiness
and the way I felt about you.

But all I ever wanted,
I suffered to leave it behind.


Like Elastic

I really need to get back into the swing of posting regularly! I have been writing, just offline. I am working on a poem series, mostly in my mind but slowly forming into something more tangible. For now, posting an older poem.

Like Elastic

Like an elastic band,
your words tighten around me,
leaving an imprint,
long after I have unwrapped myself
from you.


I Thought (Poem) and a Typewriter!

This little poem got stuck in my head so writing it down here.

I Thought

I thought I saw you through the window,
your face up against the glass,
blurry, with the rain as your mask.

I thought I heard you in the other room,
shouting, “Coming soon!”
I thought I smelled your oceanic perfume,
the one you wore to make me swoon.

I thought I tasted your kiss,
soft, like the morning mist,
and a long sigh.

I thought for a moment you stayed alive,
that someone still existed in this world I could call mine.

Now, I am pleased to share this beauty. A refurbished 1938 Underwood Champion! Took some time to find a functional one within my price point! I hope to fiddle with it this weekend and maybe type up some poems on it. Can’t wait!