2022 NaPoWrimo – Day 7 (Proverb)

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is: Write a poem that argues against, or somehow questions, a proverb or saying. I blended old lines with new ones for this prompt.

They say tigers cannot change their stripes,
but I don’t think that’s right.

I always saw the stars as scrambled in the sky,
until I saw them through your keen eyes.

You pointed out Orion,
with his belt of three stars in a row,
and the Big and Little Dippers,
with their handles and bowls,
and The Twins, two stick figures,
with their arms stretched far,
and The Bull with his v-shaped face,
found first by locating the large red star.

It seems stars can rearrange themselves,
I’ve seen it so myself,
I wonder now, what else I’ve missed as remarkable,
because of what I thought impossible.

I've seen the inner workings of my own heart,
twist and turn,
as it learns,
to love.

I think that's all proof enough,
to believe,
that something can also change with you and me. 

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