On Writing

The process of writing
makes me appreciate more
the process of living

Sometimes I feel my writing goes in circles,
and you are the square I am writing to.

Writing is like my own little secret…
that I share with the world.

Sometimes I feel like there is a trail of words following me,
waiting to be written.
Many times, I tell them there are others
who are much better at putting them together.
Other times, I resign myself to writing,
less of a choice,
and more of a responsibility.

I am less of a writer,
and more of a conduit.

Love is fleeting,
but writing makes it last forever.

Life is so full of stories
That sometimes I don’t know how
not everyone is a writer.

These words aren’t mine,
and by attaching myself to them,
I make this business of writing
much harder than it has to be.

Sometimes I have to stop myself
from interfering in my own writing,
and just let the words be,
even when they come as a surprise to me.

I could write a whole book on all the books I never started writing.


I Should Have Gone to Your Halloween Party

I have written so many versions of us. There is a version where I go to your Halloween Party that night and drink just enough to sit next to you on the couch, and we inch closer and closer together, emboldened by the thought of us, until, at last, I rest my head on your shoulder, and settle into you for the rest of my life.

But we both know I didn’t go and I didn’t know that night was the last chance at the chance of us.